Month: February 2010

Super Bowl. Not so super ads!

OK – The Saints won (Lynn’s happy, Jill could care less.) But which brands won the Super Bowl? Jill barely watched the game. (She didn’t even watch the year her Wilson spot was on the Super Bowl. (Click to watch) Lynn (of course) has an opinion. Overall – she kept wondering WHY did anyone spend 3 million dollars to show me that? The ads in general were weak. That said, Lynn loved the Google spot. Why? Great demo that showed the key product features. Had a fun storyline that appealed to men and women (seduction + family). Lynn liked Coke.…

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and a web we go

This blumenfeld + fleming blog is going to be brief because we’re very busy! We recently finished creating a website for a construction company:, we’re about to finish one for a moulding and millwork company. And we have at least 7 other websites in the pipeline. Why are so many people calling blumenfeld + fleming for websites? Sure, it’s because we work hard, win awards, and are fabulously fun to work with. But it’s also because businesses who didn’t need to invest in marketing their businesses when everything was booming, know they have to invest in them now. One…

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