How to build your Brand in the Hamptons!

Picture 9.pngSo, you want your business to rock this summer. You want to build fans, friends and profits. Building your brand is an investment that pays. When you build your brand you build relationships and you stay memorable! You elevate employee enthusiasm and customer loyalty. And especially in this economy, your business seems vital while your competitors fade into oblivion!
Call b+f and we’ll help you build your brands, like we’ve helped these guys.

1. Who are you? The answer to this existential question is essential.
So is knowing what makes you better than your competition.

2. Look fabulous in the Hamptons! A distinctive logo that captures
your brand’s essence and appeals to your target market will
become an icon that people remember.

3. Looks only get you so far. Your clients’ experiences (on the phone,
on your website, with salespeople) will build brand loyalty… or not.

4. Every business needs a great website – one that reflects the
brand. The tone, the look and the navigation are all critical. If
visitors are frustrated or confused, they’ll leave. (We just finished this for Old World Mouldings)

5. Print is alive and well in the Hamptons. So are radio and local
news sites. Advertise! And make your budget go further with a
message that really stands out.

6. Don’t be a wallflower. Make sure people find you. Stay relevant
and be responsive (SEO/Facebook/Twitter/blogging, etc.).

7. Give back. Get involved with community organizations! Support
them and they (and their supporters) will be loyal to your brand.

8. Go to the beach – isn’t that why you live here?

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  1. We agree! We are a new company with a fantastic new product for women! JAM Bands by VIvant Vie are silk acupressure bracelets for stress/nausea management (boats, planes, trains, LIFE)!! We came out to the Hamptons and now our powerful and purposeful bracelets are in Blue & Cream, the trendiest and most forward thinking fashion boutique in the Hamptons. We were an Editors Pick in HAMPTONS Magazine online and we were featured in the Shop Til You Drop column in Dan’s Papers! We love the Hamptons and we want them to love us!

    Love to speak with you about ideas for this summer!

    Please peruse our page and contact me. Best, Aimee Gold

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