Month: July 2010

The ad that got the client fired! (Only in the Hamptons, folks!)

Over the past 20 years, we’ve created a lot of ad campaigns. One of Jill’s was on the Super Bowl. Wilson Sporting Goods. One of Lynn’s was so controversial it could only run after 9pm… Clairol Herbal Essences. We’ve come up with campaigns that were loved  and ad campaigns that we’d rather not take credit for all these years later. But neither one of us have ever written an ad that got someone fired. Until now. In May, the manager of Prudential’s Southampton office called us. He’d heard us give a presentation on branding hosted by Hampton’s Magazine. He wanted…

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6 things to think about when it comes to your logo!

Ok – before we get into this conversation let’s get this out of the way: Why is a logo so important? It’s the unifying element or uniform your brand wears every day. It’s the first impression, the lasting impression…it’s the essence of your brand’s graphic communication over time. So if you’re starting a company, need a logo update, or you want to design a logo – here’s what you need to know: 1. Strategy. Don’t even get started without one. As much as you’re chomping at the bit to start designing, wait and answer these questions: Who are you talking…

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They’re here!!!! And we don’t want them to go anywhere else!

A blog about the fabulous Hamptonites and why we love them. The magazine, Homes of the Hamptons, says their readers’ average household income is $626,000. Dan’s says their readers’ average household income is $381,000. According to Saunders, the average price first quarter for homes in 2010 for the Village of Sagaponack is $6,053,571. And Range Rover of the Hamptons sold 254 Range Rover HSE last year…. starting price is $79k. Not surprising when you realize that Alec Baldwin gets $150,000 for one Episode of 30 Rock (and that’s not counting residuals!) These statistics could make you feel woefully inadequate, but…

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