We know what red, white and blue stands for when it comes to America the beautiful. But what do these colors mean when it comes to branding? Color can make as strong a statement as the actual logo. Try to imagine these logos in other colors – and the brands just wouldn’t be the same.



The color red is associated with energy, danger, strength, passion, and love.

Red is highly visible, and can lead people to make quick decisions. It evokes passionate feelings, such as intensity or love, and can stimulate appetite.


Target-logo-v.-1[1]          unnamed[2]

Target uses red to draw immediate attention. Their logo has energy, focus and of course suggests that you’ll find whatever you’re looking for.



Red_Disk [Converted]        unnamed[2]

Coca-cola, along with other food and beverage companies, takes advantage of the warmth, and appetite appeal red provides.



The color blue conveys trust, loyalty, intelligence, purity, along with tranquility and calmness.


chase_logo_96x96[1]           chase

Chase uses blue to convey trust.


unnamed[5]        unnamed[3]

IBM conveys both intelligence and trust.



Ok, some people will say white isn’t actually a color – but white has been used extremely effectively to convey a corporation that is modern, clean, simple and pure.


Apple-logo-iPhone-6-June-2014          pl

Apple uses white to signify a clean slate open for exploration and endless futuristic opportunities. The “clean and simple” style reinforces their image as the most user friendly technology on the planet.

And now for something totally AMERICAN: Tommy Hilfiger, Pepsi and every national sports organization (NASCAR, NFL, etc.) all use red, white & blue.


 adbusters_Tommy_sheep pepsi_can_ad  nfl


Freedom of expression is an inalienable right, so please feel free to express yourself in the comments below. Have a happy and safe 4th everyone!

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