Author: Joana Nanci

When a Brand Gets Trashed

What happened to the Montauk Brand? Montauk. We live here. We love it here. Jill’s kids were born and raised here. We started our business here 14 years ago. But something has happened to our town – the brand has been hijacked. Montauk used to stand for fun, fishing, surfing, beach. Sure there was drinking. And live music. Even the occasional guy who wandered into the bushes when he couldn’t make it to the bathroom. But Montauk was a destination for families, surfers, eccentrics (who gave the place character) and visitors who came here to enjoy Montauk for what it…

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It’s Finally Spring in Montauk!

After the winter that wouldn’t end, we’re ready. Even though spring was late, the tourists showed up even earlier! No surprise, given the popularity of The Affair. (The Firehouse and Ditch Plains sure do look different. Then again we almost don’t recognize Ditch anymore – with all the modern and traditional McMansions changing the foot print of our favorite beach.) As always, there’s something new around every corner in 11954. EAT, DRINK AND BE MTK: The Coast (a popular restaurant owned by locals) is gone and Muse (sister restaurants in Sag Harbor and NYC is moving in. O’Murphy’s has moved up to the Docks where Mannucci’s was, so…

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What’s the difference between a tagline and a positioning statement?

(And why your Hamptons business needs both.) Taglines are phrases that are written to convey not just the benefit of a product or service, but also to enhance the brand’s personality. Why do you need a tagline? So people will quickly understand what you do and who you are. To ignite passion for your brand. And, if you’re very lucky, to become part of the vernacular – remember “Where’s the Beef”?

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Tumbleweed Tuesday in #MTK

Summer’s unofficially over (a good thing or a bad thing depending on your point of view) and it’s time to enjoy our beautiful beaches, fun waves, and the simple pleasures of driving without fear, shopping in relative peace and actually getting a table at our favorite restaurants. It’s also a great time to look back on how businesses did out here in what was arguably the busiest summer Montauk has ever seen. Along with the weather, restaurant business was brisk! If you own a restaurant and you didn’t kill it – fire the chef (even if you are the chef).Naturally Good’s…

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The Upside Of Hamptons Traffic?

Building Brand Awareness on the roads. If you own a business in the Hamptons, you might just hate August. You’re fried. You’re cranky. And every time you get on the road to a client or a job site, you’re stuck in traffic.  The good news? So is everyone else. There’s a huge captive audience out here on the East End. Even if you’re sitting still your brand could go a lot further. We say – make your fleet do some heavy lifting! COLOR MATTERS: One of our clients, Landscape Details, urged us to do a color exploratory and painted his…

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We know what red, white and blue stands for when it comes to America the beautiful. But what do these colors mean when it comes to branding? Color can make as strong a statement as the actual logo. Try to imagine these logos in other colors – and the brands just wouldn’t be the same.   Red The color red is associated with energy, danger, strength, passion, and love. Red is highly visible, and can lead people to make quick decisions. It evokes passionate feelings, such as intensity or love, and can stimulate appetite.              Target uses red to draw immediate attention.…

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