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Our new website.(Giving birth to an elephant.)

We did it! It took more than two years to give birth to our new website, and yes – as you can imagine – it was PAINFUL. Why? Well, when we’re deciding about how to promote our clients, the strategic direction is clear. The vision is focused. We know (or have developed) the branding. But when we have to please ourselves (and more to the point, two highly opinionated people) it’s another story! What was the hardest thing to agree on? Design. Tone of voice. Color. How serious, how casual, how blue, which blue? When you’re people who make a…

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There’s no place like home!

We just received an email from CRAIN’S NY. It’s OK to love your work, screamed the headline. The folks at Crain’s went on to explain that they’re going to unveil the best places to work in NYC. Here’s a (not so) secret – you couldn’t pay us a million dollars to work at one of them. Sure, there were days, even months, back in the day on and around Madison Avenue, when we loved where we worked. We enjoyed shooting in LA, we didn’t mind hanging out with Drew Barrymore at the Sunset Marquis. But at this point, we think…

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Bloomin’ Lucky!

This time of year we’re in full court press. April and May are bloomin’ crazy. Here’s what’s new at b+f! Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center We’ve been working closely with our friends at the former Atlantis Marine world to create this new logo and ad campaign. And we’re all a flutter about the new Butterflies exhibit! Suffolk County National Bank We were fortunate to creative direct this TV spot that Plum TV did a great job producing. Click here to watch it. We’ve also created new print ads, radio spots and a series of brochures for SCNB! Southampton Hospital…

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‘Tis the Season

Everyone knows it’s better to give than receive, especially to the Red Cross Blood Bank! But with so many charities vying for your attention here in the Hamptons all summer long, and throughout the holidays – who do you support and why? Where can you make a difference? Here are some of our favorite do-gooders in the Hamptons and around the world. Feel free to share the list and  click on any one of the links to learn more. And, feel free to tell us who you love and why! Happy Holidays, share the joy, count your blessings and give…

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How to build your Brand in the Hamptons!

So, you want your business to rock this summer. You want to build fans, friends and profits. Building your brand is an investment that pays. When you build your brand you build relationships and you stay memorable! You elevate employee enthusiasm and customer loyalty. And especially in this economy, your business seems vital while your competitors fade into oblivion! Call b+f and we’ll help you build your brands, like we’ve helped these guys. 1. Who are you? The answer to this existential question is essential. So is knowing what makes you better than your competition. 2. Look fabulous in the…

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and a web we go

This blumenfeld + fleming blog is going to be brief because we’re very busy! We recently finished creating a website for a construction company:, we’re about to finish one for a moulding and millwork company. And we have at least 7 other websites in the pipeline. Why are so many people calling blumenfeld + fleming for websites? Sure, it’s because we work hard, win awards, and are fabulously fun to work with. But it’s also because businesses who didn’t need to invest in marketing their businesses when everything was booming, know they have to invest in them now. One…

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