Word on the Beach!

Spring is here and there’s news in Montauk. (As the lighthouse turns)

Warmer sunnier days used to mean locals coming out of their shells, “fair weather” surfers venturing out, restaurants opening, and the shad trees blooming. This year, everything’s a little different – the pandemic brought crowds that never went home, so some familiar faces are hiding out. When there is surf, the waves are busier than the LIE on a summer Friday. The trails are packed (and ticks are tickled pink about that). Homeowners are cashing in and fleeing. And restaurants are changing names (and raising prices) so fast that it could give you whiplash.

Here’s what’s new:

Primavera Pizza has become Blade + Salt. We’ll miss our beloved Enzo (who we hear is opening a year round place in Hampton Bays) but we’re looking forward to trying their pizza and more.

Peterson’s Seafood Market is a new seafood market in where Yoga Lila used to live. (Sadly our only year-round yoga studio is shuttered.) Partners/local fishermen Wes + Doug met on a boat, now they’re fileting flounder.

Word is Tony from TT’s Montauk is moving into the old Tacombi (formerly Plaza Diner), which is going to be called “Alimentari Market”. Tony’s first generation, he knows his pasta, his antipasta and he’s hoping this becomes Montauk’s own Eataly! We also hear “Nellie’s Deli” is being transformed into an Italian Pastry shop.

Montauk Circle Burger has become Montauk Circle. Kid’s meals come with prizes!

Swallow has become La Fin Kitchen & Lounge and opens soon serving up French farm-to table fare and gorgeous photographs by Laureen Vellante. Word on the beach is Surf Lodge consulted.

Tauk’s owners have opened Hilltop Manor Restaurant at the Montauk Manor.

Rumor has it that Rick’s Crabby Cowboy sold to the same folks that bought Ruschmeyer’s… and that just maybe they’re the Common Ground pop up that was on East Lake last summer. But, that’s just a rumor so don’t quote us!

Jillian Rennar who expanded Candied Anchor and opened Frozen Anchor last year, is doing a vintage retail project next door to Shagwong. Kailani is kl’osed (but you can find them online!) and a new retailer is in that space, and there’s another surf shop coming in next door to Corcoran on Main St. Destination Haus (formerly in Amagansett) has opened next to Left Hand coffee and we’re so happy they’re here (they also curate dinner parties on the beach). Sasha + Ollie have expanded Rhythm Wylde for anyone looking to become instantly or painfully chic. Becker’s Hardware has expanded. Hey – there was a pandemic, everyone had a hammer or paintbrush or project to focus on. Bontemps Montauk focusing on handmade items, is where 8th drifter was, (and 8th drifter is now at 752 Montauk Highway.)

Here’s a little local love for some of our faves: Gosman’s Market thanks for staying open ‘til January (to our delight) during the pandemic. Clam & Chowder House at Salivar’s (locally owned and operated for 20+ years). The Dock, reopening in April still serving Montauk’s best tuna melt and George’s sardonic sense of humor. Inlet Seafood Restaurant and the five local fisherman at the helm. And Harvest, open at last 10 months a year we love you and your calamari salad!

We’d say we can’t wait to see you, but there’s a good chance we’ll be hiding out in our secret spots here in Montauk. Stay safe and keep MTK beautiful. (Really! Bring a bag on your beach walk and fill ‘er up.)

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