Herstory in the Making


We’re sure you’ve got plenty of folks to thank for helping you get where you are. Are Dove and Nike on your list? How about HBO or Tampax? All these brands helped change the way women are marketed to, and maybe even how the world sees women.

If Nike hadn’t said “If you let me play” (1995), maybe we wouldn’t have been ready for you.


If Dove hadn’t made women of all sizes, shapes, and color so incredibly appealing, maybe we wouldn’t have been ready for you.

If HBO hadn’t streamed Veep showcasing a woman Vice President, maybe America wouldn’t have been ready for you.

And, well, if we’re ready for Amy Schumer as a spokesperson for Tampax – maybe we’re ready for anyone.

If you think advertising doesn’t change our culture, think again. As a woman-owned marketing and advertising firm we’ve not only helped shape people’s perceptions, we’ve been influenced by people who took (often simple ideas) and changed the way we see the world.

Here’s to you, Kamala! We will tune in on January 20 to watch groundbreaking herstory unfold!

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