Jill + Lynn
Jill + Lynn

What are we grateful for at b+f:

1. The Internet. Thanks to Internet we can work with clients from Los Angeles to London and all over Long Island.

2. Montauk. There’s simply no place on earth more beautiful. Ok we haven’t been to Tahiti. But check out our photos on Flickr and see for yourself!

3. Clients. We’d be nowhere without ’em. (Actually we’d be elsewhere – like NYC on Madison Ave where we were before we were here. Here is better. See # 2.)

4. Clients that trust us and pay their bills. Two fabulous qualities in a client. Not to mention putting up with the ‘lynn and jill show.’

5. Talent. No we’re not talking about ourselves again (but wait a few minutes and don’t worry we’ll get back to that.) Over the years we’ve worked with some of the most amazing talented people on the planet. From Raphael and Lisa Mazzucco to Jerry Seinfeld, Walter Iooss, Eve Ensler, James Lescene and Mathew Ralston our cups runneth over for the way they inspired and continue to inspire us.

6. New Business. Read the headlines. It’s bad out there and yet many businesses know this is not the time to turn off the lights, save money (and look like no one is home.) The recovery is coming and we’re grateful to those who have chosen us to help them get ready.

7. Our view (ok, maybe this is redundant with # 2.) We overlook the Deep Hollow Ranch, (horses, cattle the whole shebang) with the Atlantic right behind it.

8. Media. The New York Times, East Hampton Star, Southampton & East Hampton Press, Hampton Magazine, HC&G, Long Island Business News, Independent for writing about us, and our clients and for being great media partners.

9. Stella & Fred! The Jack Russell and duck tolling retriever/rescue mutt mix who amuse the hell out of us and take us for walks almost every day.

10. Family & Friends. That’s what it’s all about! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who’s reading this. Count your blessings every day and you’ll have a better day. (Jill would kill me if she knew I wrote that part so don’t tell her!)


  1. Lynn + Jill, One thing that i know about you both in the short time that we have known each other is that you have huge hearts. I am grateful for having met you both and I think I am going to do my own grateful post on my own blog! Nicely put.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to two of the nicest (and most talented) people I have met since joining Southampton Hospital.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Lynn & Jill! I’m grateful to you too — for the clients you have brought me. I’m always so impressed with the quality of your work and your generous spirit — plus you make it all fun. Have a good one! XO Eva

  4. Happy Thanksgiving ladies! You know how much I love working with you two. Your both always so inspirational and creative and its a great learning experience just being around the process. Hope to see you soon. xoxoxo Rebecca

  5. very cutting edge, I’m impressed — also, muy shrewd to hire two babe models to make people think you’re gorgeous as well as marketing geniuses (genii?) Appearances are everything (if the substance is there, and with you two it’s there in spades).
    (Love, Dad)

  6. Sweeeeeeeet!!!!!!!! Montauk would not be the same without you both so I am SO thankful for your friendships. Happy Thanksgiving you guys! This is so fun Lynn you must keep your promise and help me blog too! xoxoxoxoxo Lisa

  7. When I was chief marketing officer at Business Wire I hired Lynn and Jill and lived with them for a number of years. It was one of the best decisions I made at the company as their work was creative, fun, inspirational and it worked. Now I’m teaching at Baruch College and running a student-led company called Park Bench Marketing Group. My goal is to get Lynn and Jill to come speak to my students and share their talent with these amazing kids. So this is an open invitation. Class is Thursday from 11:30 – 1 p.m. Start the trek from Montauk to East 25th Street.

  8. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve a wonderful parish in Springs for 5 years 2002-2007. These were blessed years for my family: clamming, boating, wonderful Bonac friends, ocean, clams, Montauk, Amagansett, East Hampton, Sag Harbor, Shelter island, clams, Gardner’s Bay and Island, the Crick, Louse Point, Fort Pond, the ruins, fishermen (and women), lobsters, clams, Crossroads Music, Coffee House, Sunday afternoon jams. Lynn and Jill, thank you for supporting the Food Pantry during my time at Springs Church. It is a gift to remain in touch via Facebook and keep an eye on the wonderful and beautiful life on the east end. Blessings and peace.

  9. Bellissima Jill, I am thankful for that evening that we spent dancing and gazing into each others eyes. It was many years ago. I have not yet recovered. Your image continues to dwell in the deep recesses of my memory and I am resigned to the futility of trying to dispel you from my soul. Happy Thanksgiving my love. Regards to Tim.

  10. Great Blog Ladies !

    I will be staying in touch with you from a dark, rainy Sweden.

    I love your positive, easy going, no prestige kind of outlook on work
    and life a lot !

    Big Swdish Hugs

    Ann :- )

  11. Im greatful for the way this fall has unfolded gently and gradually, there are still a few flowers around, the heat’s not on much and we’ve managed like Sheherezade to keep staving off the wrath of grouchy old king winter.

  12. I’m grateful for my son, my family, inspiration, banoffee pie, west wing, uggs, Barney the purple dinosaur, those who serve, those who lead, true blood, epidurals, tea, paint on canvas, paint on me, ocean air, wood smoke, sand on my skin, christmas morning, smiling and reeces peanut butter cups!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to you both, though I don’t know Jill. I’m thankful, as usual, for having a terrific family, part of which we’re visiting in San Francisco, another place to be thankful for. I’m also thankful for new and old friends: I was at a very high number college reunion last weekend and it was great; so, compared to that group, Lynn and Simon are new friends to be grateful for. Thank you, one and all.

  14. To two looking hot babes! wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.
    You are an inspiration and a rolemodel. I just love that you are succesfully working, living and enjoying life at beautiful Montauk Point. How cool is THAT!!!
    Thanks for all the great work. Love, Eva

  15. We are grateful for Freedom and the Macy’s Parade which we r watching right now from the sunny city of Orange
    and wishing we we’re there with you even though it’s 72 here and 52 in NY.. Being with you would be all the warmth we need! Xox

  16. Grateful for my beautiful boy Dante asleep on my lap as we ride the LIRR East after aday in the city. Grateful for

    My wonderful husband Bruce who will greet us at the station. Also blessed to live and work
    In an amazing place with a terrific cast of characters. L’ Chaim everyone!

    Charlotte Sasso

  17. Hey Everyone – thanks for your comments on our first blog! We really appreciate them and you. Stay tuned – a new one is in the works – all the best, lynn + jill

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