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The magazine, Homes of the Hamptons, says their readers’ average household income is $626,000. Dan’s says their readers’ average household income is $381,000. According to Saunders, the average price first quarter for homes in 2010 for the Village of Sagaponack is $6,053,571. And Range Rover of the Hamptons sold 254 Range Rover HSE last year…. starting price is $79k. Not surprising when you realize that Alec Baldwin gets $150,000 for one Episode of 30 Rock (and that’s not counting residuals!)


These statistics could make you feel woefully inadequate, but for many of us who live and work here they’re actually good news.

Manhattan movers and shakers take over our charming hamlets from July 4rth to Labor Day, making our towns unrecognizable (the population jumps from 90,000 to 300,000!) our roads unbearable, and our businesses boom.

curseWe love the onslaught! (though you might not believe it when we’re behind the wheel of a car.) These Prada wearing invaders rely on the builders, restaurants, retailers, caterers, banks and other businesses that rely on us to make them stand out.

So for those of you lucky enough to be in the elite demographic of the Hamptons, SHOP ON! For those of us lucky enough to live and work here, keep smiling and lay off the horn!

If you want to reach folks in the fabulous Hamptons, we know how to get their attention. email us! or call 631 668 0007 and ask for lynn.


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