Do you love the fact that you can swim in our bays? Do you appreciate our beautiful trails, the osprey nests and wildlife out here? Wonder who fights developers and encourages lawmakers to make decisions that protect the environment? And who do you think is in the classrooms and on the fields turning students into future stewards of our environment?

Group for the East End! We’d heard of the Group, but honestly didn’t understand how profound an impact they have on the quality of our lives. After meeting with their president, Bob DeLuca and a talented and committed team, we learned that without the Group, this place would be commonplace.

We want to send out a big thank you to the Group. And, if you live on or love the East End, we want to ask you to thank them, too. Please visit the new website we just created with them, find out more about how they’re protecting the nature of the place you love. We think you’ll want to become a Groupie, too!

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