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The number one way to get attention in business is the oldest trick in the book

Twitter, Instagram and emails don’t have anything on these two tools.

How many emails and texts do you get a day? One hundred? More? When your “snail” mail arrives, after you’ve tossed the catalogues, political postcards, most of the charity solicitations and you’ve sorted through the bills—aren’t you mildly disappointed? Not if there’s a handwritten envelope. That’s the first thing you open.

Hey, thanks! (crossed out)Your “hey thanks” text will be quickly deleted, and the “that was fun” email may go to spam, but your handwritten note will be noticed and appreciated. Whether it’s to send condolences or to thank someone for lunch, consider taking the extra five minutes to put pen to paper (the two tools). You’ll break through the clutter.*

Thank you noteYour Mom was right, send a thank you note. But if you don’t want to take her (or our) advice, how about trusting the folks at Forbes? They have not one, but five pieces on how to write thank you notes and why they’re so effective.

Bonus advice for the job seeker: Send a hand-written thank you after a first interview, and you’re likely to secure the second one.

Proof: We practice what we preach. We sent a handwritten congratulatory note to the Chief Marketing Officer of a Community Bank years ago, which led to a meeting, and ultimately a great new piece of business. We created award winning web banners, print and radio advertising, brochures and did website consulting as well, until the bank was acquired.

*Yes, the card stock matters, we recommend Strathmore writing card stock.

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