Super Bowl. Not so super ads!

OK – The Saints won (Lynn’s happy, Jill could care less.) But which brands won the Super Bowl? Jill barely watched the game. (She didn’t even watch the year her Wilson spot was on the Super Bowl. (Click to watch) Lynn (of course) has an opinion. Overall – she kept wondering WHY did anyone spend 3 million dollars to show me that? The ads in general were weak. That said, Lynn loved the Google spot. Why? Great demo that showed the key product features. Had a fun storyline that appealed to men and women (seduction + family).

Lynn liked Coke. Budweiser? Lame. Dodge Charger and VW spots– pretty funny. ETrade –we both like the campaign but it’s polarizing. Can’t remember what the amusing beavers were even for. Don’t want to see ugly men in underwear. Both Lynn and Jill HATE the GoDaddy spots and cannot understand why a company that wants and needs your trust would ‘go there.’ We recommend them for our clients website hosting, but their ads don’t engender confidence. Charles Barkley better put down that taco! Maybe all the great copywriters and art directors make their livings blogging or in episodic TV?

Oh- Lynn also loved the Flo TV ad edited by Will. I. Am. (but doesn’t really know what it is!) Our friend Keith Burtis has some pretty smart things to say about how the brands who advertised didn’t take advantage of social media tools, which you can read about here.

Tell us what your favorite or least favorite ad was. or more important, us if you need a TV, print or marketing campaign.


  1. You echoed my sentiments practically word for word on everything!!!!!

    (And really…WHAT is UP with those Go Daddy spots?)

    Was worried about the anti abortion spot, but they really did diddly with it. Lot a money…..

  2. I was pretty disappointed with the whole line up, and I thought Go-Daddy was especially embarassing (but remember the audience!) The one I enjoyed the most was Coke in Africa. Google was good, a nice progression of searches. Ken Auletta’s recent book about Google is worth reading.

  3. Generally weak and uninspired. Best was coke ad that reminded me of Yellow Submarine footage, and google. Interesting that Mercedes Benz seemed to be the only ad that I had seen before, and consequently had not been shot specifically for Super Bowl. Guess they are still selling plenty of cars and $3M. is relatively small change.

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