Today, we’re thinking the same

I didn’t want to take computer science class at Emory. The giant, unwieldy, ugly beige box intimidated me. When Jill and I got our first real jobs in advertising at Young & Rubicam and Lord Geller in the early 80’s, copywriters typed on word processors, art directors hand-set type, and commercials were shot on film and spliced together with tape by editors.

In 1984, Steve Jobs changed all that. Click here to watch comercial. His Apple was built for us “creatives”. Design mattered. Fun mattered. Music mattered. Art mattered. Macs were intuitive, Iphones were smarter, and Ipads turned octogenarians and babies into believers every minute of every day. Genius is an overused word, but Jobs was pure genius, there’s no way to eulogize the man. Look around your home, your office, your world, at all the products you love. Do you know the names of the CEOs of the companies who made them? It is remarkable to feel so much loss and sadness and to see it echoed all over the Internet by millions of others, like us, like you, who didn’t know Steve Jobs, but knew he changed the game, changed our lives, changed the world.

Today, when so many people are “thinking the same” let’s remember, moving forward, to think different. (Or for you grammarians, to think differently.)

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