Super Bowl 2013

How about that game? And how about that power outage? (Rumor has it, it was caused by Beyonce’s curling iron.)   It didn’t stop us from watching the commercials! Especially in the automotive category since b+f was just awarded the Porsche, Audi, MINI, and BMW of Southampton dealerships.

This year a thirty-second spot cost about 3.8 million dollars (or roughly $126,000 a second). So here’s our rating system: WAS IT WORTH IT???




Dodge Ram: “God Made a Farmer”

God knows we watched every second. Why? Because it didn’t sound, look or feel like anything else on TV, which made us stop. Look. Listen and CARE. Borrowed interest? Maybe. But totally compelling. SUPER WORTH IT.

Mercedes: “Soul”

With appearances by Willem Dafoe, Kate Upton (who does nothing for us) and Usher, featuring music by the Rolling Stones you could say there’s too much borrowed interest. But we love this spot! (And watched it days before the game, now that almost everything is posted on YouTube in advance.) Fun and smart: there’s no reason to make a deal with the devil when the new Mercedes is only $29.000. SUPER WORTH IT.

VW:  “Get in. Get Happy”

We love the Jimmy Cliff Partridge Family cover. And the spot. It’s fun, funny, and makes us smile every time, boss man. And all the “politically correct controversy” got the spot epic free publicity and extra air time. SUPER WORTH IT. (note: Jill hates the music, Lynn, a Partridge Family fan, loves it.)

AUDI:  “Prom”

Driving an AUDI can give you the courage to go for it. Fun. Cute. Our Husbands loved it. WORTH IT.

KIA: “Hot Bots”

Fun. The bots work because they’re saying, hey, we’re high tech. They elevate the brand and kick a little nerd ass while they’re at it. A lot better than babies and dogs. WORTH IT.

FIAT:  “Topless”  

Sexy, fun, European vibe. Totally works. WORTH IT.

FIAT:  “Sisters”

Amusing casting. Demo works. SORTA WORTH IT.

TOYOTA: “Wish Granted”

The Rav 4 genie (Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Theory) offers to grant the Henderson Family wishes. Dad’s a dolt. Mom gets chocolate. Junior has squirrels chatting. Sis becomes a princess. Super family friendly. WORTH IT.


KIA:  “Babylandia”

What does this have to do with cars? They say they have an answer for everything? Here’s a question: How could you have wasted so much money on that??? SUPER NOT WORTH IT.

LINCOLN:  “#Steerthescript”

Ok, we confess, we didn’t followed the Twitter campaign, nor Jimmy Fallon’s involvement. For us this didn’t work, but maybe someone out there cares? SUPER NOT WORTH IT. #SUPERFAIL.


HYUNDAI: “Don’t tell Mom”

Clichéd. Not funny enough. NOT WORTH IT.


Borrowed interest, but better than “Don’t tell Mom”. NOT QUITE WORTH IT.

“Race Track”



Came close because it’s a straight-forward demo. But it didn’t work because the product (a burgundy 4-door sedan) looks like Grandma’s ride. NOT WORTH IT.


Other Winners and Losers

Budweiser’s Clysdales always win. Like Santa Claus at Christmas. They’re predictable yet heartwarming. And they build the brand! Note: Jill and her husband’s favorite spot (for their least favorite beer). WORTH IT. Black Crown.. Umm, not “Our kind of beer.” Or our kind of commercial. But clearly the beer for posers and wannabees. That said, lots of beer drinkers watch the Super Bowl. NOT WORTH IT.
Menen’s speed stick. Cute. Sexy. And we know the producer, Jeff Salguero. WORTH IT.
Go Daddy Beauty and the Geek. ICK. We don’t even want to watch models sucking face. SUPER NOT WORTH IT.  
Powerful Coke and Pepsi kept this SodaStream spot from airing, but the publicity and awareness they generated: WORTH Pistachio spot. Nuts. NOT WORTH IT.
Gildan: “Getaway” T-Shirt. SUPER WORTH IT. in the library. NOT WORTH IT.

Jill Fleming and Lynn Blumenfeld both worked at big Madison Avenue agencies before opening blumenfeld + fleming, the advertising and design firm with worldwide headquarters in Montauk. Neither gives a rat’s ass about football.


  1. Great round-up, I concur with just about every selection.
    My top 3 are:
    Dodge Ram: “God Made a Farmer”
    AUDI: “Prom”
    FIAT: “Topless”

    Emotional, engaging, intelligent, creative, and a little bit of funny…That’s what makes for a great commercial. When you can sell someone on an emotion first, you don’t have to worry about selling them on your product…It will follow.

  2. Love it. Great work Lynn. Yay to Dodge Ram. I liked the purple genie ad too, but could not remember the car – too many cars!! Too many booties. Too much violence and reality TV. BOO!
    What happened to jingles!!

  3. Ladies, Great job once again! Good fun!
    The “Soul” add was tops, put a Stones song in any add and it has serious legs.

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