Our new website.(Giving birth to an elephant.)

We did it! It took more than two years to give birth to our new website, and yes – as you can imagine – it was PAINFUL.

Why? Well, when we’re deciding about how to promote our clients, the strategic direction is clear. The vision is focused. We know (or have developed) the branding. But when we have to please ourselves (and more to the point, two highly opinionated people) it’s another story!

What was the hardest thing to agree on? Design. Tone of voice. Color. How serious, how casual, how blue, which blue? When you’re people who make a living delineating between shades in the Pantone book – all of these decisions can (and did) keep us up at night.

And let’s not forget the name. blumenfeld + fleming is a lousy name. We became a business almost accidentally and got three clients within weeks of working together. Back then, there weren’t websites, folks found us in the Yellow Pages. Now, everyone Googles everything – but if you can’t spell blumenfeld, you can’t find us. (Not to mention how annoying it is typing 20 letters.)

Our new url is www.bplusf.com. We’re still updating and finessing… but we think our new look is sweet! What do you think?


  1. Colors are pleasing to the eye, the site is very professional and it makes me wish you could design a site for me. This must have been like writing a resume times 100! Well done!

  2. Your site, looks really design forward and clean, I love your typography and navigation. I really admire your professional work and am inspired by your drive and creativity. It’s amazing what you have both been able to accomplish. Any advice for a designer who may be stumbling a little creatively? Thanks and Great job!!

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